Season: 2019-20

  • Transit


    Transit is based on a 1944 novel by German-Jewish writer Anna Seghers, who draws on her own experience as a refugee. Petzold situates the drama in an historically indeterminate moment, superimposing past and present. There are no period trappings; the opening sirens could be sounding today, and the soldiers storming Paris look like contemporary French…

  • Closely Watched Trains

    Closely Watched Trains

    Oscar-winning comedy-drama from Czech New Wave director and actor Jirí Menzel (Larks on a String, I served the King of England). Set in German-occupied Czechoslovakia during WWII, a shy clerk at a village train station fails in his first attempt at making-love, leaving him feeling inadequate and despondent, but eventually succeeds beyond his or anyone’s…

  • Booksmart


    Director Olivia Wilde’s debut feature film is a charming comedy that’s winning critical praise from top reviewers. On the eve of their high school graduation, two academic achievers and best girlfriends realise they should have worked less & played more. They decide to make up for lost time. On this slight premise Wilde builds a…

  • The Pawnbroker

    The Pawnbroker

    Rod Steiger (On the Waterfront, Dr Zhivago, In the Heat of the Night) launched a stellar career as a serious actor with his Oscar-nominated performance as an embittered concentration camp survivor running a pawnshop in 1960s Harlem. A powerful drama from director Sidney Lumet, who made some of Hollywood’s most visionary political/social dramas (12 Angry…

  • Faces Places

    Faces Places

    Unlikely couple 88 year-old director Agnes Varda and photographer and muralist JR (33) create a visual essay on the French in this quirkiest of road movies. Travelling throughout France with a box truck equipped with a portable photo booth and printing facility, they take photographs of the people they meet and places they see, and…

  • Free Solo

    Free Solo

    Outstanding Oscar-winning documentary of climber Alex Honnold’s solo, ropeless ascent of sheer 3000 feet El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. We watch the meticulous preparations and planning, the false starts and setbacks in a study of courage, skill and the single-mindedness of striving to achieve what no one else has. This crowd-pleasing doc with stunning…

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