Season: 2015-16

  • Victoria


    Night in Berlin – a Spanish woman new to the city meets two men at a club and gets mixed up in a bank robbery. The director manipulates pace and tension superbly. Heart in the mouth heist thriller. Variety. 11 top awards.

  • Dheepan


    A Tamil fighter flees Sri Lanka claiming asylum with two strangers to create a family and ease the asylum process. But life in Paris is violent too – will old fighting ways become necessary to protect his new family? Dheepan is Jacques Audiard’s most Scorsese-like film, and all the better for it. It’s critical elevation…

  • Youth


    Sorrentino’s follow up to The Great Beauty sees an ageing conductor with his old friend in an Alpine spa. Together they reflect on life while fending off an envoy from the Queen to stage a royal gala. A beautiful ode to music and cinema. Independent. 5 wins.

  • The Assassin

    The Assassin

    Action-thriller with the grace and beauty of Crouching Tiger. An assassin must kill her own cousin to save the Emperor. 168 UK and international critics voted Assassin the best film of 2015. Don’t miss it. Be transported to another time and place by a world-class filmmaker.

  • Hugo and Josephine

    Hugo and Josephine

    Josephine lives with her father, a priest, in an isolated spot. Hugo enters her life and together they spend the summer with the gardener finding fun. A gentle masterpiece re-released for new audiences. A film of deceptive simplicity and real beauty, outward and inward. New York Times. 3 major awards.

  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

    Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

    High-schooler Greg is ordered by his parents to befriend a fellow student, Rachel, whom he knew as a child, who is now dying of cancer. This outline might sound conventional, even saccharine, and you might even expect the dying girl to survive, but the film is really about grief and how art is both a…

  • The Second Mother

    The Second Mother

    Val is housemaid to a wealthy Sao Paolo family. She mothers the son more than her employer. When Val’s aspirational daughter visits feathers begin to ruffle. Acutely observed, social drama with warmth and humour. Case is superb. F.Times. Sundance win.

  • A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

    A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

    In the grey urban landscape of Sweden, two novelty salesmen observe the human condition in a series of absurdist scenes. A film that sits somewhere between Bunuel and Loach. Impossible to adequately explain – just watch! Shines with hyperreal beauty – sublimely ridiculous. Telegraph.

  • Mandariinid


    Georgia 1990: a separatist war closes in on a tangerine farm. The farmer simply wants to harvest his crop when two wounded soldiers – enemies – appear on his door step. Oscar nom., 11 wins. Engaging, intelligent, anti-war storytelling. Guardian.

  • Tangerine


    An independent ground-breaking comedy-drama that proved a big hit at the Sundance Festival in 2015. Two transgender sex-workers in LA look for a pimp that did one of them wrong. The film was shot using 3 iPhone 5S smartphones instead of traditional cameras. The money saved on equipment was used to pay for locations and…

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