Season: 2018-19

  • Summer 1993

    Summer 1993

    It’s summer and Frida (Artigas), a 6 year old orphan is bereft.  Her uncle’s family take her from Barcelona to give her a fresh start in the countryside of Catalonia. Frida finds her new world hard to adjust to: unfamiliar people and places. Will she allow herself to take the risk of reconnecting as the…

  • The Ciambra

    The Ciambra

    A moving crime-drama in the Italian neo-realist style written and directed by Jonas Carpignano. A 14 year old Romany boy moves between the Italian, African and Romany communities in a small town in Italy’s far south. He’s had to grow up fast and he’s learning to be one street-smart teenager, when adult responsibility falls on…

  • All the Wild Horses

    All the Wild Horses

    Stunning documentary about the Mongolian Derby, the world’s most challenging horse race that follows the 1000 km course of Ghengis Khan’s messenger-rider route. The race takes days to complete with fresh Mongolian horses every morning. As we cross steppe, desert and mountain with the horses and riders, we learn how the race is organised and…

  • Funny Cow

    Funny Cow

    Watch one our top screen talents in action, supported by cast of household-name actors in this Loach-influenced gritty Brit film. Maxine Peake excels as Funny Cow, a stand-up comedian trying to break into the 70’s northern comedy circuit against fierce male resistance. What’s the motivation? She’s wants to exorcise some personal demons, using her experiences…

  • Sherlock Jr

    Sherlock Jr

    A film projectionist dreams of becoming a private detective. His wish comes true when he is framed for a theft. Suddenly, he must apply his scant sleuthing skills to save himself. Meanwhile his girlfriend takes a more practical approach. They don’t make ’em like they used to, or do they? This silent classic gives us…

  • The Ghoul

    The Ghoul

    As a detective, Chris, (Meeten) investigates a double murder, the case begins to indicate the best way to follow up leads is to go undercover as a patient seeking psychotherapy for depression. What follows is a sinister story where nothing and no one seems reliable and Chris begins to doubt himself. An intense psychological thriller,…

  • The Heiresses

    The Heiresses

    It’s a shame. Chela (Brun) and Chiquita (Irun) are down on their luck, when money’s so short what can you possibly do? They both come from wealthy families, so they start to sell the possessions they’ve inherited, but it’s still not enough. Chiquita’s solution lands her in jail and Chela, alone and aloof, has to…

  • Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace

    A father and teenage daughter live off the grid in a huge forest environment in Oregon. Solitude is what they know and seek, yet loggers and patrols interrupt their escape from conventional society on an increasingly frequent basis. When social services intervene and insist on young Tom (Thomasin McKenzie) receiving an education, the shift to…

  • In Between

    In Between

    A gripping drama that’s winning audiences’ hearts around the world. Writer/director Hamoud has earned a lot of respect with her first feature film which packs a punch and entertains. In Between presents the lives of three young Palestinian women sharing a flat in Israel and living independent lives. The friends tread the delicate line between…

  • The Happy Prince

    The Happy Prince

    We find Oscar Wilde at the end of his life living among the demi-monde in Paris. The film gives us an unsentimental look at Wilde’s louche unscrupulousness and his indomitable charm and wit throughout his fame and fall.  The Happy Prince unfolds as an homage to a great man with great flaws. Rupert Everett writes,…

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