Eric Ravilious: Drawn to War

May 16, 2023 Members’ Choice 8:30pm
Post-screening Q&A with director Margy Kinmonth

Margy Kinmonth has received many accolades for her investigative documentary films. She won a BAFTA in 1990 for her Naked Hollywood series. When making her 2013 doc Hermitage Revealed she was the first foreign director granted permission to film the story of the Museum. Margy and producer Maureen Murray have worked together on many projects and are the owners of Foxtrot Films.

Eric Ravilious, painter, illustrator and designer, came from a poor background but was taught by leading artists Paul Nash and Henry Moore. With his distinctive use of watercolour he created ethereally romantic landscapes of the British Isles. Commissioned as a war-time artist during WWII, he maintained his dream-like style, introducing objects of war into his light-infused pastoral scenes.

An optimistic man, he spoke of the war predominantly as a visual experience: “I enjoyed it a lot, even the bombing, which is wonderful fireworks.” Now increasingly being revered as one of Britain’s greatest 20th century artists, he was dismissed as a lowly craftsman by the fine art world of his time.

Director Margy Kinmonth and producer Maureen Murray embarked on bringing Ravilious’ work to life on the screen drawing from his art, private correspondence and biography. Funding the making of a film about ‘an unfamiliar name’ proved impossible through conventional routes, but fortunately through crowdfunding Kinmouth was able to make the film she wanted [one] “much richer, much longer, a more emotional story”.

“This fine overview does convince you of his singularity, while also coaxing you into the sunlit, subtly clouded uplands of his lost world” – Tim Robey, The Telegraph.

“This vivid documentary argues that Ravilious should be as famous as Turner and Constable” – Wendy Ide, The Observer.


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Film Information
Release year: 2022
Running time:   88 mins
Directed by: Margy Kinmonth
Language: English
Country: UK
Genre: Documentary
Starring: Alan Bennett,
Grayson Perry,
Ai Weiwei,
Robert McFarlane,
and the voices of Freddie Fox and Tamsin Greig
More info:

Rotten Tomatoes
WFC Audience Score:  93%

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