Like Father Like Son

June 2, 2015 Members’ Choice 8:30pm

Ryota has worked hard for everything in his life and he thinks nothing can stop him from pursuing a perfect life. Then one day, he and his wife Midori, receives a phone call from the hospital. A blood test shows that their son is not theirs, that the hospital made a mistake when their son was born. Ryota is forced to choose between his biological son and the son he raised as his own. At the same time, he is questioning himself on what kind of father he has been during these years.

Kore-eda invests his characters with believable flaws and strengths, regardless of class and situation, The Guardian

…rich and very moving drama… The Independent

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Film Information
Release year: 2013
Running time:   121 mins
Directed by: Hirokazu Koreeda
Language: Japanese (English subtitles)
Country: Japan
Genre: Drama
Starring: Masaharu Fukuyama,
Machiko Ono,
Yoko Maki
Awards: Cannes Jury Prize,
Best Film at Asia-Pacific Film Festival,
Best Screenplay at Yokohama Film Festival
More info:

Rotten Tomatoes
WFC Audience Score:  83%

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