Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday

December 15, 20058:30pm

It’s August and M. Hulot sets off on holiday in his ancient Amilcar. He arrives in Brittany at the beachfront hotel, where an unsuspecting assortment of holiday-makers is unaware of the impending havoc.

The charm of this film lies in its benign humour: there are no victims. M. Hulot is oblivious of the trail of destruction he leaves, in fact he always tries to do the right thing and is politeness personified.

Tati was France’s most loved screen comedian, and Mr. Hulot’s Holiday is widely considered his masterpiece. Fifty years on, the film still connects with us. Delivered in a semi-silent style, the director gives us a series of timeless observations of the human condition.  We begin to recognise and identify with situations and characters and connect with the warmth of the film. A former circus performer, Tati was a master of physical comedy and though each wonderfully constructed gag bears little relation to what has gone before or comes after, it doesn’t matter we are captured by the ease and originality of it all.

This is a marvellous blend of wit and silliness.  The kids will laugh, and adults will too, but they may also leave with a sense of poignancy that surprises.

‘Ultimately Mr. Hulot’s Holiday doesn’t give you what you expect – it gives you what you need.’ Damian Cannon, Movie Reviews UK

‘Ranks among the all-time classic comedies.’ Tom Keogh.

After 50 years, M Hulot still looks as smart as paint. Its humour is gentle, innocent and charming and the semi-silent idiom is superbly managed.’ Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

It’s what Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean would be like if it were funny or imaginative, and it features the most hilarious tennis match ever.’ Philip French, Guardian

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Film Information
Release year: 1953
Running time:   114 mins
Directed by: Jacques Tati
Language: French (English subtitles)
Country: France
Classification: U
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Jacques Tati

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