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U.K., 2022, director Georgia Oakley.

Drama, 97m.

RT critics 100%, IMDb 8.1

UK 1988: a closeted teacher is pushed to the brink when a new student threatens to expose her sexuality.

“Rosy McEwen leads a very effective cast in this poignant personal-political drama, which also happens to have a cracking retro soundtrack.” Anna Smith, Deadline Hollywood.

Iran, 2009, director Asghar Farhadi.Drama/mystery, 119m, 12.

RT critics 99%, IMDb 7.9

A young school teacher is invited on a weekend trip to the seaside by the mother of one of her pupils, where she mysteriously disappears without a trace.

RT critics consensus: “offers viewers performances as powerful as its thought-provoking ideas, and adds another strong entry to Asghar Farhadi’s impressive filmography.”

Ireland, 2021, director Colm Bairead.Coming of age drama, 91m, 12.

RT n/a, IMDb 7.8

A 9-year-old girl from a dysfunctional family goes to live on a farm with distant relatives for the summer in early 1980s Ireland, and discovers a new way of living.

“A beautiful and compassionate film, a child’s-eye look at our fallen world; already it feels to me like a classic. It is a jewel.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

Japan, 2003, director Katsuhito Ishii.Comedy/family drama, 143m, 15.

RT critics 100%, IMDb 7.6

The Haruno family lives the simple life in Japan. An urban-dwelling uncle visits and confronts his feelings for the ex-girlfriend who married another man after he moved to the city. As the lazy summer days pass by, each member of the family is followed in a series of episodic vignettes.

“A tad too long, Tea is nevertheless touching and funny, with charming performances. You might say it’s as calming as a hot cup of green tea.” VA Musetto, New York Post.

Drama/comedy, Bhutan, 2019, director Pawo Choyning Dorji.109m.

RT critics 98%, IMDb 7.4

A young teacher is assigned to a remote school high in the mountains of Bhutan and discovers the power of a new environment to effect personal transformation.

RT critics consensus: “simple story with a big heart — and a reminder of film’s ability to communicate universal truths across international borders.”

U.K., 2022, director Margy Kinmonth.Doc/biopic, 88m, PG.

RT n/a, IMDb 7.4

Set against the wartime locations that inspired him, brings to life the enigmatic British artist (1903-1942) through previously unseen private correspondence and rare archive film.

” Modest in its approach, this filmic portrait takes shape as both biography and love story … coaxing you into the sunlit, subtly clouded uplands of his lost world.” Tim Robey, Telegraph.

Comedy/Drama, Iran, 2021, director Panah Panahi.94m, 12A.

RT critics 95%, IMDb 7.3

Road-trip movie, from Tehran to the Turkish border, follows an Iranian family preparing to part with one of their own.

RT critics consensus: “A beautifully acted drama with steadily cumulative force, Hit the Road uses one family’s journey to make trenchant observations about society as a whole.”

U.K. / Estonia, 2021, director Peeter Rebane.Romance/drama, 107m, 15.

RT critics 55%, IMDb 7.1

A Soviet soldier falls in love with a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force in 1970s occupied Estonia. Based on a true story.

RT critics consensus: “Firebird’s intentions are admirable, but they’re largely thwarted by a frustratingly muted approach to its central love story.”

U.K., 2021, director Clio Barnard.Drama, 95m, 15.

RT critics 94%, IMDb 6.8

A lonely taxi driver and teacher in Bradford begin a relationship over the course of a lunar month.

RT critics consensus: “Ali & Ava’s tender, naturalistic love story adds another powerful chapter to writer-director Clio Barnard’s filmography.”

France, 2021, director Julia Ducournau.Horror/thriller, 108m, 18.

RT critics 90%, IMDb 6.6

A woman who has a metal plate fitted into her head after a childhood accident goes on to commit a series of brutal crimes. Cannes Palme d’Or winner.

RT critics consensus: “Thrillingly provocative and original, Titane reaffirms writer-director Julia Ducournau’s delightfully disturbing vision.”

U.K., 2022, director Jim Archer.Comedy, 91m, PG.

RT critics 85%, IMDb 6.6

A lonely inventor takes on his most ambitious project yet: an artificially intelligent robot made from odds and ends.

RT critics consensus: “may test the patience of quirk-resistant viewers, but the innate charm of this odd couple comedy is easy to compute.”

U.K., 2021, director Charlotte Colbert.Horror/thriller, 95m, 15.

RT critics 85%, IMDb 5.4

An actress seeks respite in the Scottish Highlands, where dark powers force her to confront past traumas.

RT critics consensus: “More unsettling than truly scary, She Will casts a thoughtful, hypnotic spell made even stronger by its restrained approach and some strong performances.”

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