Country: Germany

  • Seaside Special

    Seaside Special

    Funny, entertaining doc exploring British cultural identity: a Norfolk coastal resort prepares for the 2019 summer season and the UK’s last original end-of-the-pier variety show.

  • Holy Spider

    Holy Spider

    Zar Amir Ebrahimi won Best Actress at Cannes for her role as an investigative journalist going undercover to track down a killer.

  • Compartment No. 6

    Compartment No. 6

    In the tradition of train films, which adds huit clos to the direction and serendipity of the road trip genre, Russian train films form class apart: claustrophobic quarters shared with a medley of imposed companions within; monotonous, unwelcoming taiga without; the tedious stasis of the long journey unalleviated by surly staff and bad food. Shooting…

  • I’m Your Man

    I’m Your Man

    “A science-fiction with soul and a romance written for adults.  Just like its mechanical hero, this tender film is attractive, smart and cunningly designed to win your heart.” Pamela Hutchinson, Empire

  • In the Fade

    In the Fade

    Akin brings us an important film giving focus to the impact of xenophobia rather than the much-charted rise of extremist views in western countries, in this case Germany. In the Fade has three distinct parts, first, a terrorist attack and the effect on a woman, Katja (Kruger); the second charts the woman’s pursuit of justice…

  • Frantz


    A change of tone again from prolific director Ozon, (Potiche, 8 Women, Swimming Pool) this time a romantic mystery with a plot that twists and turns like a slinky. French veteran, Adrien, journeys to a small German village a year after the end of World War I, to visit the grave of his friend Frantz…

  • Mustang


    In a remote Turkish village five teenage sisters react to the growing constraints placed upon them by their guardians. Villagers gossip, marriages are arranged and the sisters’ voices remain unheard. Poignant examination of the place of young women in rural Turkish society, the strength of sisterly love and what it takes to rebel. Oscar nomination,…

  • Victoria


    Night in Berlin – a Spanish woman new to the city meets two men at a club and gets mixed up in a bank robbery. The director manipulates pace and tension superbly. Heart in the mouth heist thriller. Variety. 11 top awards.

  • Black Cat White Cat

    Black Cat White Cat

    In this delightful comic fairy tale from the former Republic of Yugoslavia, Emir Kusturica, director of Underground and Arizona Dream, serves up a mix of farce, romance and crime. As main character Matko Destanov, small smuggler and profiteer, likes to say: “Brother, if you can’t solve a problem with money… solve it with a lot…

  • Barbara


    This tense story of love and subterfuge set in the world of The Lives of Others was a huge success in Germany and was selected as the German entry to the Oscars. Barbara is working at a prestigious university hospital in 1980 East Berlin, hoping to join her boyfriend in West Germany. Having applied for…

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