Release Year: 1999

  • Beau Travail

    Beau Travail

    Claire Denis’ sensual, impressionistic masterpiece – loosely based on ‘Billy Budd’, relocated to a French Foreign Legion outpost in Djibouti – was voted 7th Greatest Film of All Time in Sight & Sound’s Critics Poll 2022.

  • Onegin


    In early nineteenth century Russia, a young aristocrat, Onegin (Ralph Fiennes), disaffected by life and bored with salons and balls of St Petersburg society, goes to the countryside to take up the estate he has inherited from his uncle. There, through his friend Lensky (Toby Stephens), he meets Tatyana (Liv Tyler). Deeply attracted to the…

  • The Colour of Paradise

    The Colour of Paradise

    Its the end of term at the school for the blind in Iran. Mohammed a bright young pupil waits patiently for his father to collect him for the holiday. He waits a long time because his father, a widower, believes having a blind son at home will damage his chances of finding a rich new…

  • All About My Mother

    All About My Mother

    Esteban, an aspiring young writer, runs to get the autograph of an actress, with tragic results. His mother, Manuela, goes to Barcelona to find Esteban’s transvestite father and her dislocated life begins to take a very different shape. Self -parody is part of Almodovar’s approach and the effectiveness of his story-telling comes partly from the…

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