Language: Arabic

  • lo Capitano

    lo Capitano

    Gomorrah director Matteo Garrone’s gripping and visually extravagant epic follows two endearing Senegalese teenagers, undertaking a perilous journey across Africa to make a new life in Europe.  Nominated for the Best International Film Oscar & Golden Globe. 

  • Cairo Conspiracy

    Cairo Conspiracy

    A gripping, compelling political thriller: a fisherman’s son becomes embroiled in the power games of contemporary Cairo.

  • Talking About Trees

    Talking About Trees

    Once, they were acclaimed film directors; today they are virtually forgotten. Four members of the Sudanese Film Group decide that if the government will no longer let them make films, then at least they will try to show them. That means finding a venue, overcoming bureaucratic obstacles, and attracting a contemporary audience – all documented…

  • For Sama

    For Sama

    Waad Al-Kateab started filming as a “citizen journalist” for Channel 4 News and won awards for her contribution to the series “Inside Aleppo.” (online at ) The 21-year old economics student first used a mobile phone, graduated to a camera and occasionally borrowed a drone. Friends’ amusement at her preoccupation changed when one of…

  • In Between

    In Between

    A gripping drama that’s winning audiences’ hearts around the world. Writer/director Hamoud has earned a lot of respect with her first feature film which packs a punch and entertains. In Between presents the lives of three young Palestinian women sharing a flat in Israel and living independent lives. The friends tread the delicate line between…

  • Theeb


    It’s WWI and a young Bedouin boy guides a British officer to a rendezvous in the Ottoman Hizaz desert. Plans swiftly unravel. Wonderful cinematography in a film with a refreshing perspective. A spectacularly epic film with a wonderfully intimate human story. Huffington Post. 8 major awards.

  • Timbuktu


    Mauretanian director Sissako, who spent part of his youth in Mali, was inspired to make this film when he read an article in Paris newspaper in 2012 about the public stoning of an unmarried couple in the town of Aguelhok (for reportedly having children outside wedlock). Set against the stunning landscapes of the fabled Saraha…

  • Monsieur Lazhar

    Monsieur Lazhar

    In Montreal, an elementary school teacher hangs herself. Bachir Lazhar, a recent Algerian immigrant, then offers his services to replace her, claiming to have taught in his home country. Desperate to fill the position, the principal, Mme Vaillancourt, takes him at his word and gives him the job. He gets to know his students despite…

  • The Source

    The Source

    Set in current times in a Muslim “North African or Arabian village”, this comedy-drama film tells the story of the local women who dare to defy tradition. Following a series of accidents along the treacherous trek they must tread to fetch water for their community from a distant spring, the women go on ‘love strike’…

  • Incendies


    Canadian Nawal Marwan has just passed away. The only people at the reading of her will are her twin adult children, Jeanne and Simon Marwan, and the executor, Nawal’s long-time employer and friend, notary Jean Lebel. The will contains many unusual requests, the most unusual being two sealed envelopes, one to be delivered by each…

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