Language: Spanish

  • The Olive Tree

    The Olive Tree

    Alma is very close to her grandfather although he has retreated into dementia. The family has sold of his beloved thousand-year-old olive tree, to pay his debt, but the loss of the tree has brought the grandfather into a depression. When her grandfather refuses to eat, Alma sets out to find the tree for him.…

  • Embrace of the Serpent

    Embrace of the Serpent

    The film delivers a spellbinding vision of the Amazon which focuses on a shaman – the last of his people – and his relationship with two scientists who journey to the rainforest 40 years apart to find the sacred healing plant, the Yakruna. Based on a true story, the film depicts the ravages of colonialism…

  • Marshland


    In post-Franco Spain two detectives with conflicting political ideologies pair up to solve a murder case in a remote wetland area in the south of Spain. Their mutual mistrust is mirrored by the cold reception from reactionary locals. Brilliant edge-of-your seat detective thriller. Sight & Sound. 41 awards.

  • Wild Tales

    Wild Tales

    Six short films within a film provide a blackly comic and highly enjoyable portrayal of middle class meltdown within what writer/director Szifron calls the “crazy system” and “corrupt space” of modern Argentina. The influence of co-producer Pedro Almodovar, who along with his brother funded the film, is evident; Szifron also cites the work of Steven…

  • Blancanieves


    Based on the 1812 fairy tale Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, the story is set in a romantic vision of 1920s Andalusia. However, the film approaches storytelling through the integration of Spanish culture from characters’ names to traditions they follow. Additionally, it alludes to other fairy tales including Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.…

  • Even the Rain

    Even the Rain

    A film within a film. Cast & crew descend upon a Bolivian town to make a low-budget movie about Columbus in America and the original exploitation of local people, and succeed in replicating that exploitation. Things fall apart as cheaply hired extras abandon filmmaking to protect their water rights from privatisation by a multinational company…

  • Memories of Underdevelopment

    Memories of Underdevelopment

    It’s post-revolutionary Cuba, Sergio a middle class intellectual watches his parents and wife leave for Miami. Facing a life of adjustment, he disdainfully observes and reflects on change. His attraction to two women distract him. Skilful direction, performances and use of documentary footage earn this film top critical regard. Widely acclaimed as one of the…

  • Spirit of the Beehive

    Spirit of the Beehive

    In 1940s Spain a family of four live in an isolated farmhouse with window panes resembling the pattern of honeycomb. Father (a beekeeper and poet), and mother barely speak to each other and are disconnected from their two young daughters, little Ana (Ana Torrent) and her elder sister Isabel (Isabel Telleria). One day a rickety…

  • Nostalgia for the Light

    Nostalgia for the Light

    Breathtaking documentary that compares 2 groups of people searching for understanding of the past in the dry clear conditions of Chile’s Atacama Desert: astronomers study the universe and relatives search for remains of the Disappeared of Pinochet’s regime. A stunning, sad film with an end note of hope. Guzmán focuses on the similarities between astronomers…

  • The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

    The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

    Newly restored for its fortieth anniversary, this influential Oscar-winning classic constitutes one of the finest achievements of one of cinema’s greatest directors, working in his intensely creative late period. This comedy of manners centres on a group of vividly drawn and outwardly respectable upper middle-class friends, who are continually thwarted in their attempt to have…

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