Season: 2010

  • Mad Sad and Bad

    Mad Sad and Bad

    This black comedy about a truly dysfunctional middle class British Asian family unfolds through a series of flashbacks. The film builds a story of a mothers three troubled children who have bad relationships with each other and mad, sad or bad relationships with other people in their lives. Whether its psychiatrist and sex-addict Hardeep (Vara),…

  • Katalin Varga

    Katalin Varga

    A woman, Katalin, (Hilda Peter), is driven from her home by her husband when he finds out the child they have brought up is not his. Together mother and son travel across Romania by horse and cart, staying in the cheapest accommodation, making their way to the Hungarian-speaking part of the country and finally to…

  • Mid-August Lunch

    Mid-August Lunch

    Middle-aged Giovanni is down on his luck. He lives in a poor part of Rome with his demanding mother and seeks comfort in increasingly regular drinks on credit at the local bar. As the annual holiday of August 15 (ferragosta) approaches, Giovanni has no plans to leave the sweltering city to escape to the countryside…

  • 35 Shots of Rum

    35 Shots of Rum

    Widowed father Lionel (Descas) lives with his adult daughter Josephine (Diop). He knows that their tranquil, mutually supportive life cannot last, she must find her own way in the world. The stability and comfort of their relationship in a drear Paris suburb is a magnet for family friend Gabrielle (Dogue) and neighbour Noe (Colin). Will…

  • The Queen of Spades

    The Queen of Spades

    In 1806 St Petersburg, Captain Suvorin of the Engineers (Walbrook) becomes resentful of his rich friend, Prince Andrei (Howard), and the circle of Guards officers who gamble their money at faro, a form of snap in which fortunes can be won or lost on the turn of a card. Convinced by an old book that…

  • The White Ribbon

    The White Ribbon

    Unsettling incidents take place in a small village in north Germany before World War I. The events are characterised by increasing violence and the community wonders about the identity of the perpetrators and their motivation. The village is no different from other communities in the rigid society of the period, nor is its puritanical approach…

  • Milk


    Milk is one of those rare films that remains entirely gripping even though the audience knows the outcome before they enter the cinema. From the opening scenes of archival footage of police raids of gay bars we know this is going to be a serious and moving film. Penn’s astonishing Oscar-winning, nuanced portrayal of Harvey…

  • The Good the Bad the Weird

    The Good the Bad the Weird

    Set in 1930s Manchuria, three rival Korean adventurers vie with each other for possession of a treasure map promising vast fortune. And that, in fact, is all you need to remember in a plot full of twists and turns, involving many other factions in the chase including local criminal organisations, the Japanese Army and Chinese…

  • Katyn


    In this important film, Wajda, at the age of 82, offers in a starkly accessible way the truth of what happened in the Katyn Forest in 1940 when 15,000 to 22,000 Polish officers were rounded up and shot by the Russian KGB. One of the men murdered that day was Jakub Wajda, Andrzej Wajda’s father.…

  • Chromophobia


    In this start-studded film, interweaving stories of rich and privileged people in Blairite Britain, where anything can be bought and sold, combine to form a dark drama of dilemmas of responsibility, corruption and exploitation. Investigative journalist (Ben Chaplin) chances upon a career-making story of his lawyer friend’s (Damian Lewis) corruption. Will he tell And what…

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