Country: Belgium

  • Two of Us

    Two of Us

    A decades-long secret relationship is threatened when tragedy strikes. A “moving tribute to love’s ability to overcome all obstacles” Variety

  • Kid With a Bike

    Kid With a Bike

    A lean, direct narrative and a superb central performance provide emotional impact in this excellent drama. A boy, abandoned by his father, is put into care. The kindness of a stranger offers him a measure of hope, but can he accept it? Written and directed by the Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, the film…

  • The Source

    The Source

    Set in current times in a Muslim “North African or Arabian village”, this comedy-drama film tells the story of the local women who dare to defy tradition. Following a series of accidents along the treacherous trek they must tread to fetch water for their community from a distant spring, the women go on ‘love strike’…

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