Country: Italy

  • Mid-August Lunch

    Mid-August Lunch

    Middle-aged Giovanni is down on his luck. He lives in a poor part of Rome with his demanding mother and seeks comfort in increasingly regular drinks on credit at the local bar. As the annual holiday of August 15 (ferragosta) approaches, Giovanni has no plans to leave the sweltering city to escape to the countryside…

  • Gomorra


    Gomorra caused quite a buzz on release in the US and across Europe. The gritty realism used in telling the story of Naples much bigger and wealthier version of the Mafia, the Camorra, explodes the myth of Hollywood’s treatment of mob drama, which often suffuses the violence with a romantic glow of period nostalgia or…

  • Aprile


    Morreti casts himself, wife and friends in a documentary lampoon about Italian politics. What could be irritatingly self-indulgent turns out to be a funny, charming perspective on Italian life. Following the general election of 1994, won by the centre-right coalition led by Silvio Berlusconi, Moretti is encouraged by a journalist friend to make a documentary…

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