Genre: Sci-Fi

  • I’m Your Man

    I’m Your Man

    “A science-fiction with soul and a romance written for adults.  Just like its mechanical hero, this tender film is attractive, smart and cunningly designed to win your heart.” Pamela Hutchinson, Empire

  • Blade Runner – The Final Cut

    Blade Runner – The Final Cut

    It’s 2018 and LA is a dystopian urban sprawl. Rick Deckard (Ford) is a blade runner or bounty hunter of replicants. Created by the Tyrell Corporation replicants are androids almost indistinguishable from humans. They are illegal on Earth after a bloody mutiny on an off-world colony, yet six Nexus replicants have purposefully made their way…

  • Twenty Twenty-Four

    Twenty Twenty-Four

    Gripping sci-fi thriller winning acclaim on the indie film circuit. A scientist anticipates nuclear disaster and holes up in a bunker. With just an intelligent computer for company, he begins to question his self-imposed isolation and whether he is really alone. Shot on location in Portsmouth, the cinematography and central performance are truly distinctive. 3…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin

    This unique and absorbing film, adapted by Walter Campbell from Michel Faber’s 2000 novel, depicts a female sexual predator (Johansson) stalking a gritty Glaswegian urban landscape. Director Jonathan Glazer (responsible for the famous Guinness horses in the surf advert) impressed with his previous films Sexy Beast (starring Ray Winstone) in 2000 and Birth in 2004,…

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