Language: Icelandic

  • Woman at War

    Woman at War

    Filmed, like the director’s debut Of Horses and Men, by cinematographer Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson, Woman at War sets highland landscapes against home comforts, no-holds-barred environmentalist activism against inner peace, the ethos of earth mother versus the joys and responsibilities of mother-and-child. Erlingsson challenges us to juggle multiple realities at once, as his heroine Halla attempts to…

  • Of Horses and Men

    Of Horses and Men

    This subversively erotic and surreal black comedy-drama combines six interlocking fables of rural life each including a powerful portrayal of human-equine relations (the original Icelandic title is ‘Horse in Us’). Shot beautifully in the great Icelandic outdoors, it depicts a world of violent emotions set against a cinematic love letter to the horse accompanied by…

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