Language: Mandarin

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell

    In 2013, Chinese-American director Lulu Wang was told that her grandmother (‘Nai Nai’ in Chinese) had Stage 4 lung cancer with three months to live. The family decided not to tell Nai Nai of the diagnosis and devised a ruse — a fast-tracked wedding in her hometown Changchun —for everyone to see her one last…

  • So Long, My Son

    So Long, My Son

    China’s recent history – from the lingering sting of the Cultural Revolution and the draconian one-child policy (in effect 1979-2013) to the dramatic shifts in social structures as the country careened toward a market economy – is explored through an intimate focus on two families, exposing the human cost and personal hurt tempered by compassion,…

  • The Assassin

    The Assassin

    Action-thriller with the grace and beauty of Crouching Tiger. An assassin must kill her own cousin to save the Emperor. 168 UK and international critics voted Assassin the best film of 2015. Don’t miss it. Be transported to another time and place by a world-class filmmaker.

  • Holy Motors

    Holy Motors

    Surrealist comedy delivering a visual feast populated with gripping performances. A day-in-the-life tale of a shadowy character called M. Oscar results in a concoction tailor-made for cinephiles. Makes other films look staid. The spark for the film came from Carax’s observation that stretch limousines were being increasingly used for weddings. He was interested in their…

  • Souzhou River

    Souzhou River

    Suzhou River mixes love story and crime genres in a modern film noir. Set in the urban decay of post-industrial Shanghai the film is peopled with gangsters, street hustlers and nightclub denizens. In a plot that twists and turns the narrator keeps us guessing whether the central story is about his love for Meimei (Xun…

  • Three Times

    Three Times

    In three 45 minutes segments the director takes us through three love stories set in three different times, 1911, 1966 and 2005. In a fascinating approach each couple is played by the same two actors, Qi Shu, one-time soft porn actress (she is far from alone in following this route to recognition as an actress)…

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