Compartment No. 6

October 258:30 pm
Post-screening Q&A with film journalist, writer & filmmaker Leigh Singer

On the long, bleak train ride from Moscow to the arctic port of Murmansk, a Finnish student is obliged to share a cramped sleeping compartment with a Russian miner. The clash of opposites demands an outlet and some form of resolution. Shot, unusually for the genre, on a real, moving train.

“an improbably beautiful film about strangers on a train coming to terms with each other as they make peace with their troubled selves” Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

“Russia’s stark landscape makes for breathtaking and sometimes comical scenes. This is a trip well worth taking.” Aparita Bhandari, Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Compartment No. 6
Film Information

Release year: 2021
Running time:   108 mins
Directed by: Juho Kuosmanen
Language:Finnish, Russian
Country:Estonia, Finland, Germany, Russia
Starring:Seidi Haarla,
Yuri Borisov
Awards:Cannes Grand Prix
More info: IMDb
Rotten Tomatoes

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